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"Inspiring women to wear confidence fashionably" 





I get it; you’re looking in the mirror and thinking it’s just not working! You want help with your personal style, image and wardrobe. Greetings, you’ve discovered the right person for help! I offer 'Over the Top' Accessories, Personal styling, Fashions and Image Consultancy. I want to help you discover your style, reveal your best image and change the way you feel, look and shop ~ for life!


The bottom line, every woman wants and needs to feel the beauty God gave her and I simply want to share tools of how to embrace that beauty, confident and fashionably!  How may I serve you?

I create 'Over the Top' Accessories,

Fashion,  Image Styling.








Constance Kimble Franklin designs are created to reflect elegance and class, with a chic vintage flair for the woman who proudly celebrates what it is to be a “Lady”. Feminine details, construction and shapes represent timeless styles for this natural woman; Constance creates with these elements in mind. She understands what works for today’s woman on the move, balancing work, family and the many facets of life. Her combined skills as a seamstress and certified Image Consultant equips Constance to; construct fashions for various body types, make fabric selections that enhance color characteristics and above all deliver what makes a woman feel good fashionably! Shop her collection.


My Story

“A cheerful little girl born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, blessed with a wonderful childhood and all I wanted to do when I grew up was to wear fancy dresses like my mom.”


As the daughter of a professional seamstress, I was born into a world of glamorous fashions and taught the skill of sewing at an early age. I was exposed to all genres of art and encouraged to freely explore creativity.


Confident in defining my own style and voted “Best Dressed” in high school, I was sold on the art of fashion design. As a college student, however, I was intrigued with courses in Computer Science and grew excited with the expansive possibilities in Technology. Earning a BAS in Technology Management and AA in Fashion Merchandise and Marketing, I thus found another avenue of creativity by developing programs for education and major computer companies.


By day, I have a career in Technology and on nights and weekends; I’m a feverish seamstress, Fashion Designer and Image Consultant. Funny thing, although I knew how to sew as a


youngster, I gravitated towards crafting and interior décor and only in the last couple of years have I dived back into sewing and designing fashions. Sewing has become my therapy in facing life’s journey. Not neglecting my love to dress and a recipient of constant compliments on my style, I grew inspired to fulfill what I feel is my purpose and assignment; to creatively strategize ways to uplift and empower women through fashion and style. So in 2012, I embraced my dream, became certified as an Image/Christian Consultant and launched my business in Fashion Design, Image Stylist Consultancy, and Presenter.


stores.  I showcased my first fashion collection “After I Do” in 2014 at Christian Fashion Week in Tampa, Fl. in which one of my looks was featured in the New York Times. In addition I designed a JR teen Fashion Stylist bag which was featured on In 2015 my design was awarded a winner at renowned fashion blogger, Mimi G’s Fashion & Sewing Conference in L.A.


Passionate about inspiring women to walk in confidence, my mission is to transform her appearance, inspiring her to dress like a lady by bringing awareness to her worth and encouraging her to step into her purpose.


The rest of my story:

I’m a wife and mother, blessed with a creative spirit. I love sewing, crafting, decorating, thrifting, traveling, swimming, dancing and coloring, and eating delicious food; however I don’t like watermelon or cauliflower. During my life I; modeled, played the clarinet and performed as a ballerina. My favorite colors are purple and yellow and I have this thing for chairs, coats and circular patterns.


My projects include: producing Fashion Shows, Women Empowerment Sessions, Style Advice and Visuals for major retail                                                                          

Grateful for my creative gifts, my desire is to inspire women to wear

confidence fashionably, while encouraging her to step into her purpose.


“Fabric is to fashion as self-confidence is to style”~ Constance Kimble Franklin



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